Welcome to RBC Boat Rentals.  Please follow the steps below so we can have you enjoying your row as soon as possible:
  1. Review the calendar to make sure there is no prior rental listed or a scheduled class during the time of your request. Please be courteous of classes by not launching or docking your boat rental 15-20 minutes before or after a class.
  2. Email to rentals@rochesterboatclub.org, your requested day, time, boat, and include the names of rowers.  Desired usage days and times need to be requested with 24-48 hours notice.  Email your request even if a coach will be present in the boat or safety launch, to ensure there are no conflicts.
  3. Rentals will respond by email indicating a tentative confirmation of the rental request.  Please allow time for a response as these are not automatically generated.  A request is not scheduled or confirmed until the rental fee is paid.
  4. Payment is through Venmo. Fees are made via electronic payments through Venmo, username: RochesterBoatClub (showing the RBC logo) or by using the QR code on this page.  Boat rentals are now a cashless system.
  5. Once the rental fee is shown as paid, the rental will then be finalized and scheduled on the rental calendar.
  6. Remember to sign in & out of the logbook with name, date & time, direction of rowing and time of return.
  7. Enjoy your row!
  • Please remember to observe all of our regular safety rowing rules.
  • Cancellations for a makeup will only be considered for weather-related conditions or emergencies. It is the responsibility of the renter to inform rentals@rochesterboatclub.org of a cancellation.  Neglecting to do so will be considered a paid row.
  • Rental makeups are not transferable to cash or as credits toward rowing classes.  Rowing class makeups/credits, or cox credits are not transferable to rentals.
Before your first time renting for the season, you MUST fill out and sign the “RBC Scull/Sweep Boat Usage Agreement.”  The agreement covers the OTW season so you only need to do this once.  It must be completed and returned before launching your boat.
Download/copy the PDF form document located here: RBC Scull/Sweep Boat Usage Agreement.
Fill out and sign the electronic form and email the agreement back to rentals@rochesterboatclub.org.

See below for boat rental calendar.