Programs & Registration

All sweep rowing suspended until it is safe for us to be in boats together again.

Scullers: boat rentals and private/semi-private lessons are available to approved rowers, as well as limited-size sculling classes in singles.  (Doubles are allowed for those who share a household.)  Sweep rowers interested in learning to scull should contact Coach Anthony for approval.

Experienced rowers: on-land outdoor erg training classes started Monday, June 22nd, and will continue through the season.

Sign-up doc for erg and sculling classes.  Sign-ups start each Thursday evening for the following week’s classes.

(Rowers who have been receiving emails about the classes should have access; email if you have trouble.)

Current schedule, subject to change:
Erg classes: Mon 6:00-7:00pm; Tue 6:00-7:00 pm; Wed 6:00-7:00pm; Thu 6:00-7:00pm; Sat 8-9am
Sculling classes: Mon 5:30-7:00pm; Tue 5:30-7:00pm; Thu 5:30-7:00pm; Fri 9:45-11:45am; Sat 7:30-9:30am

If you are an experienced rower who has not rowed with the club recently and would like to participate, please email us at and use the following $0 product to register to participate in our summer 2020 offerings.

Summer 2020 Register to participate [Summer2020Reg]


For summer 2020, we are offering classes ‘a la carte’ rather than our normal multi-week sessions.  If you are new to RBC, please use this product to ‘register’, so we can make sure you are properly enrolled and waivered.

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For questions regarding our programming, please email us at


Outdoor erg classes and sculling classes will be held at our boathouse in Fairport, at 10 W. Liftbridge Ln. Please utilize the public parking lot behind Riki’s; if public lot is full, you may park on the railroad track side of the RBC parking area.  PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS-SIDE OF THE PARKING LOT WHEN ERG CLASSES ARE SCHEDULED.


We are delighted to have the following coaching staff:  Anthony Petrella (Head Coach), Connor Wilt, Bri Fennessey, Zoe Zapel, Heidi Granville, Erin Kealey, Jack Hylbert.