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Amazing Row 2023

Get excited for this year’s amazing event!  The Amazing Row will take place on Saturday, August 19th (rain date Sunday, August 20th), and will be a round-trip 26k between RBC boathouse and Pittsford boathouse.  There will be a party/picnic following, at the RBC boathouse.  We encourage those unable to attend in person to make a donation to the club instead.


  • A long distance row followed by a party.  Push off from dock at 1:00 pm. Party at boathouse when we return,~5:00 pm.
  • Both sweep and sculling possible.  We’ll do our best to accommodate all (may require splitting seats).


  • Saturday, August 19, 2023, Rain date: Sunday, Aug 20


  • From RBC boathouse to Lock 32 (PIRC) and back (26km). Includes a brief pit-stop at our turnaround point.


  • Adult 18+ novice/experienced rowers and current LTR rowers.  Experienced rowers under age 18 may participate with parent participant.  All rowers must be fully vaccinated.  For novices/LTRs who haven’t done this before — we mostly row by sixes in 8s, so you can still participate, but may want to opt for a one-way row, as it’s a very long row!


  • $50 per seat, goes to RBC.


  • Sign up below for rowing!
  • Indicate sweep/scull (or both/either), side preference (if any)
  • If splitting a seat (or coxing one way, or switching sweep and scull),  please indicate in order notes.

The Amazing Row — Buy a Seat and Row!


No Seats Available

Participant sweep or scull seat.  Choose ‘One-Way Sweep’ if you want to split a seat.  Please indicate who will be rowing and any additional information at check-out.  For split seats, indicate if you have a preference/need for outbound vs. inbound leg.  Your contribution is tax-deductible.

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The Amazing Row — Party!


The party is welcome to all!  If you’re rowing, there is no additional fee for the party.  If you’re not rowing, or bringing guests, we are asking for a small fee to offset costs.  Either way, please use this product to RSVP, and indicate number of rowers, adult guests, and children.

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The Amazing Row — Make a Donation to RBC


Can’t make the row or party, but still want to support Rochester Boat Club?  Please feel free to make a donation directly to RBC to help keep our equipment in good repair and to invest in new boats, oars, etc. This product can also be used for your friends or family to sponsor your participation, or for general donations, which are always welcome!  Your contributions are tax-deductible.

(Hint: to donate $20, put 2 $10 items in your cart.)

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For questions about Amazing Row, contact Delaney Glaze (

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