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The Amazing Row 2018 is in the history books, and it sure was amazing!  16 miles / 26k meters rowed by 22 RBC rowers, plus additional mileage from RCiR quad and singles.  A huge party with family, friends, food, and fun!  And thanks to all who participated in the silent auction.  If you had the winning bid on an auction item but still need to pay/pick up, send an email to Tanya Baker (contact info at the bottom of the page).  Payment can be by check or PayPal (we’ll send an invoice).

Some t-shirts are still available in particular sizes.  Give us a couple of days to make sure everyone who pre-paid is accounted for.

Sponsor-a-rower/donations are still welcome!  If you weren’t able to row, you can make a contribution in support of someone who did.  (Boy, did they earn it!)

The Amazing Row — Sponsor a Rower –OR– Donate to RCIR [TARSP]


Sponsor a rower / donate to RCIR. Contributions are tax-deductible, and will benefit Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing (RCIR), going to their Boathouse Capital Campaign. To donate to RCIR without sponsoring a rower, simply write the word “donation” in the “Sponsored Rower(s)” area.

Click here -> Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing to learn more about RCIR and watch a very short video showing how RCiR is making a difference in people’s lives. (To make a donation to RCiR, come back here.)  Thank you for supporting RCIR!

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The Amazing Row — Make a Donation to RBC


Can’t make the row or party, but still want to support Rochester Boat Club?  Please feel free to make a donation directly to RBC to help keep our equipment in good repair and to invest in new boats, oars, etc. This product can also be used for your friends or family to sponsor your participation, or for general donations, which are always welcome!  Your contributions are tax-deductible.

(Hint: to donate $20, put 2 $10 items in your cart.)

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The Amazing Row T-shirt 2018 [TART18]


No Seats Available

Order your 2018 shirt!

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