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Giving Tuesday: Make a Donation


As of midnight, November 29th:

  • Goal: $1500
  • Raised so far: $1600  
  • Progress: 107% 

Donations to RBC help keep our equipment in good repair, attract and train coaches and coxswains, and allow us to invest in new boats, oars, etc.  For this Giving Tuesday, we are focused on general funds to support rowing.  Your contribution is tax-deductible, and a receipt will be provided upon request.

For donation amounts other than those listed, please combine use of this donation product.  For instance, to donate $60, add one $50 and one $10 product.  To donate $40, add 4 $10 products.  If using PayPal, be aware that they take a small cut of the amount (about 3%), so please consider tacking on a dollar or two to cover.

Please note – this page will be updated periodically throughout the day, so if your donation is not reflected right away, there is no need to re-enter it.  It will appear soon!