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Registration for Winter Class Session 4 is open!  The session will run from from Monday, March 29th through Sunday, May 9th.  This session will offer registration for virtual erg classes for the full six-week session, and also PIRC classes on a week-to-week basis using a single-row-based process.   Since our ability to offer PIRC classes depends on minimum enrollments as well as weather conditions (since we must have all doors/windows open per safety guidelines), there will be a back-up plan of offering virtual erg classes on the days we can’t make a PIRC class work.  We are still figuring out exact processes/details — thank you for your patience as we try to get back on the path to normalcy!

We are anticipating Wednesday evening and Sunday morning PIRC classes, so you will not see Wednesday/Sunday virtual erg classes as available for registration.

Each winter session has its own Google doc, as we have done for previous sessions.  For Session 4, the Google doc will also allow signing up each week for PIRC or back-up virtual erg classes.  If you intend to sign up for PIRC classes, and aren’t already registered for virtual erg classes, please use the Winter Register to Participate $0 product below to get your enrollment/waivers in place and get access to the session Google doc!

In addition, there is a general ‘home base’ doc for communication during this winter.  This includes information for happy hours/game nights, outdoor exercise gatherings, and general workout plans (erg and otherwise).  You must be on the rbc2020 mailing list to gain access to Home Base:

If you are a novice/experienced rower who has not rowed with the club recently and would like to participate, please use the $0 participation product farther down on this page, or email us at

For questions regarding our programming, please email us at

Current session Google doc:

Schedule of classes for Session 4:

Virtual erg classes:

Mon 5:30pm
Tue 6:30pm
Thu 6:30pm
Fri 9am
Sat 8am

PIRC classes:

Wed 5:45pm-7:15pm (back-up virtual erg class 5:30pm-6:30pm)
Sun 8:30am-10:am (back-up virtual erg class 10:00am-11:00am)


We are delighted to have the following coaching staff:  Anthony Petrella (Head Coach), Connor Wilt, Bri Fennessey, Zoe Zapel, Heidi Granville, Erin Kealey, Jack Hylbert.

Weekday Mornings — 6 Weeks (3/29–5/9) — Thu, Fri

Friday Virtual Erg 9:00am – 10:00am [VIRFrAMBErg]


7 seat(s) available

7 seat(s) available

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Weekday Afternoon/Evening — 6 Weeks (3/29–5/9) — Mon, Tue, Thu

Monday Virtual Erg 5:30pm – 6:30pm [VIRMoPMAErg0


7 seat(s) available

7 seat(s) available

SKU: VIRMoPMAErg Categories: , , ,

Tuesday Virtual Erg 6:30pm – 7:30pm [VIRTuPMBErg]


5 seat(s) available

5 seat(s) available

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Thursday Virtual Erg 6:30pm – 7:30pm [VIRThPMBErg]


3 seat(s) available

3 seat(s) available

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Weekend Morning — 6 Weeks (3/29–5/9) — Sat

Saturday Virtual Erg 8:00am – 9:00am [VIRSaAMAErg]


No Seats Available

No Seats Available

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Use the following $0 product to register to participate in our winter 2020-21 offerings.

Winter 2020-21 Register to participate [Winter2021Reg]


For winter 2020-21, we are allowing single rows for virtual erg classes, and have a general ‘Home Base’ Google doc that is only available to those registered.  If you are new or returning to RBC, please use this product to ‘register’, so we can make sure you are properly enrolled and waivered.

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For single virtual erg or PIRC classes, please first register with the $0 product above to gain access to the session Google doc, then use the products below to purchase one or more classes.  Then add your name to the Makeup/SR section on the tab for the class(es) you would like to attend.  The Daily Row Coordinator will shade your name green if there is space for you in the class.  Please note that, for PIRC classes, once your name is green-shaded, you are committed, and will be charged for the class regardless of whether you attend.

Any unused single-row balance at the end of the indoor season can be applied to registration fees for summer rowing.

Indoor Session 4 Virtual Erg Class Single Row [INDS4ErgSRow]


Use this product for virtual erg class single rows.  These can be used for either regularly scheduled virtual erg classes (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat) or for classes held when we can’t have a PIRC class (Wed/Sun).  Single Rows are contingent on coach approval, as space is limited.

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Indoor Session 4 PIRC Class Single Row [INDS4PIRCSRow]


Use this product for PIRC class single rows.  These single rows can be used for PIRC classes with a minimum of 10 rowers.  Any unused Single Row balance can be applied to summer registration fees.  Single Rows are contingent on coach approval, as space is limited.

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